Spanish pharmacy enhances management efficiency via Axis solution

Spanish pharmacy enhances management efficiency via Axis solution

The drugstore owned by Pharmacist Alfreo Castello is a family business that has been operating for over 40 years. Taking advantage of a remodeling and renovation of the store in May 2011, they decided to incorporate a series of security and management technologies in order to turn the location into one of the most technologically advanced drugstores in the region.

When modernizing the security system the company decided, among other things, to replace the analog video surveillance system with an IP video system made up of four Axis network cameras. Thanks to advice from AMH Systemas, an Axis partner, the system incorporates Netcamara video management software, which in addition to a complete video analysis applications suite, makes it possible to integrate the video surveillance system with the drugstore management system, Farmatic.

The implementation of a carefully chosen combination of equipment and technologies has enabled the employees in the drugstore to be better prepared and organized, have a greater control of the business and improve the operations and management of a variety of aspects related to the everyday activity of a drugstore of this kind. O

Threats, insults, theft, robbery with intimidation, material damage and physical attacks are crimes that take place often in some of the nearly 20,000 drugstores existing in Spain. This has fortunately not been the case for Pharmacist Alfredo Castello's Drugstore, located in a peaceful town on the Valencian coast. However, when they carried out the redecoration and remodeling work in this establishment, in the middle of last year, they had the idea of equipping it with the most advanced technologies to offer an optimum security level for the business, the employees and the products and medicines they sell. It is a family business set up in the 1970s by Mr. Alfredo Castello and now run by his two children. The drugstore, in which 6 people work in different shifts, is divided into two main areas, one for exhibiting and selling pharmaceutical products and medicines, and the other, behind the scenes, is the area where medicines are organized and stored, orders are prepared and the laboratory for preparing prescriptions.

This drugstore has had an analog video surveillance system for years that traditionally would have been enough to dissuade possible criminals. However, to improve the quality and performance of the system, when they updated it, they chose an IP video solution based on two AXIS M3011 Network Cameras installed on the registers and 2 AXIS M1011 Network Cameras to obtain panoramic views of the product exhibition area. They were advised to do this by the company AMH Systemas, an Axis partner, which also recommended the use of the Netcamara video management software. To complement the video surveillance system, they also decided to include an anti-shoplifting system based on arcs with RFID readers.

The Netcamara software offers an applications module for analysis of video images, making it possible to carry out tasks such as people counting or identifying very busy areas in the establishment. Thanks to these applications, the company now has a better overview of the times when the drugstore is at its busiest, which has allowed them to optimize staff shifts. This software also includes a queue management function so that when there are more than four people waiting at the register, a beep is emitted to alert the staff in the order and warehouse area, so that another salesclerk can come out and reduce waiting times.

Thanks to the new IP video system, live images and camera recordings can be remotely accessed, which the drugstore managers normally do using their iPhones. One of the most interesting aspects for the drugstore managers is the integration of the Netcamara software with the Farmatic Drugstore management application. Thanks to this integration, they can complement the main processes related to the management of the drugstore with video images. Inventory and stock control, prescription and patient management, accounting, data security, adaptation to regulations (Personal Data Protection Act and Autonomous Community regulations), alerts and communications are just some of the areas covered by this solution.

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