German medical center incorporates IndigoVision tech for round-the-clock patient care

German medical center incorporates IndigoVision tech for round-the-clock patient care

One of Europe's most modern health clinics, in Kork Southern Germany, has commissioned IndigoVision to incorporate the latest surveillance technology into its medical diagnosis system to aid in the diagnosis and evaluation of high dependency patients. The new system was jointly developed by IndigoVision's authorised partner Deininger Elektronik GmbH and the Centre itself.

The IP video system replaces ageing analogue equipment that was becoming maintenance intensive and failure prone. IndigoVision's ability to stream very high-quality video using minimum bandwidth meant the clinic could install the IP video solution on its existing IT network. It ensures that staff are able to provide the most effective monitoring of patients across a large suite of rooms and carry out analysis work. As Oliver Kiesel, Deininger's Project Manager, explains, “IndigoVision's technology was chosen because of its superb low-bandwidth video quality, advanced audio capabilities and flexible software licensing”.

High dependency patients can be carefully monitored with high-quality, full-frame rate video and audio; IndigoVision's system comes with a unique guarantee of no dropped video frames under any conditions, and fully synchronised audio and video. This ensures that the clinicians do not miss anything when analysing the video. Clinic staff monitor the live cameras and analyse recorded footage using ‘Control Center', the user interface to IndigoVision's Security Management Solution SMS4?.

Workstations can be located at any point on the network thanks to the fully distributed architecture. ‘Control Center' is licensed on an unrestricted basis, enabling the clinic to install any number of workstations for no more than the cost of an entry-level PC. Currently, eight workstations are located at different nurse stations around the clinic, each monitoring eight rooms. Additional workstations are used for medical analysis.

All 64 patient rooms are fitted with an IR-sensitive day/night analogue PTZ camera, with patient privacy options, connected to the network via an IndigoVision encoder module which converts the video feed to digital using advanced compression techniques. Video and audio from all the cameras is recorded on IndigoVision standalone network video recorders (NVR-AS 3000s) installed in the clinic's data centre. Video clips can be easily exported for permanent archive.

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