Hikvision Trial Run to Help Bangkok Police Stay Mobile

 Hikvision Trial Run to Help Bangkok Police Stay Mobile

Right now, the streets of Bangkok, Thailand are testing a potentially ground-breaking development in police protection: Hikvision mobile security.

Beginning in late 2011, Bangkok's Crime Suppression Unit began placing Hikvision's DS-8104HMI-A Mobile DVR and DS-6101HLI Portable Video Recorder in both squad cars and motorcycle units to achieve a wide array of security benefits. Most importantly, these tools have helped the Thai police force and the larger communities in which they serve.

Fighting Crime and Helping Officers
Somchai Prajaksoot, Managing Director at Digital Focus Co Ltd. – the leading security products distributor in Thailand, and the distributor for this project – explained the goals of this project:
1. Gather on-site evidence through video recording during incidents
2. Centralize real-time monitoring and remote recording
3. Track police vehicle positions
4. Gather location information for security/efficiency in video file formats
5. Produce an integrated solution from one service provider

Furthermore, to achieve these goals, it was paramount to find a communication method that would both fit the solution and function well within Thailand. Mr. Prajaksoot explained the difficulties associated with this, “In Thailand, our 3G network does not completely cover all areas. Additionally, there are serious bandwidth issues when sending a large amount of data. These facts alone dictated that the choice of hardware needed to be very specific … and very high-quality. We chose Hikvision.”

The first half of this solution is Hikvision's DS-8104HMI-A Mobile DVR, which has been placed in squad cars and patrol motorcycles, but is primarily used in cars. Regardless, Hikvision's patented hard disk vibration-proof and bracing technology ensures that the DS-8104HMI-A will continue operating regardless of motorcycle, car, or the conditions of the road underneath either.

Mr. Prajaksoot explained, “We've had very good results with this mobile DVR. Utilizing the unit's built-in 3G module and GPS module provides exact positional information for the officers. As well, Hikvision's technology allows us a very stable connection using the 3G network. Most importantly, the DS-8104HMI-A is great for communicating – the command center is able to receive precise data and instantly understand the situation.”

The quality of this connection is specifically due to the DS-8104HMI-A's ability to support dual-stream transmissions. Specifically, the sub-stream allows both remote video previewing and mobile phone monitoring with minimal bandwidth occupation – thereby proving the stability. “Features such as this allow Bangkok's police force the ability to not only follow general security trends, but stay ahead of the curve,” Mr. Prajaksoot noted.

While the goal of Bangkok's police department is to ensure that social order remains intact, unfortunately disturbances and crimes are a reality that cannot be avoided. Fortunately, Hikvision's DS-6101HLI Portable Video Recorder gives the police officers involved in these more dangerous aspects an additional level of protection – such as the ability to instantly record video at any location, thereby allowing supervisors in the control center the ability to make better informed decisions based on this real-world information.

Mr. Prajaksoot discussed that “often, when problems arise, police are called to remote areas. These areas, generally, do not provide internet access through Wi-Fi. While most solutions would solely use a Wi-Fi connection for a portable video recorder, we are able to utilize our 3G network with excellent results.”

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