Honeywell Wireless Relay Module Adds Garage Door Control

Honeywell Wireless Relay Module Adds Garage Door Control

Honeywell released the 5877 Wireless Relay Module, a device that lets consumers open and close their garage doors with the same key fob used to operate their home security systems. It also shows the status of the alarm panel.

“The 5877 is an ideal add-on for security dealers who are installing VISTA or LYNX security systems,” said Mark O'Keefe, GM, Honeywell.” In addition to new installations, it can also be offered to existing customers—making it an excellent upgrade or retention tool.”

Part of Honeywell's popular 5800 series of wireless devices, the 5877 offers a quick, easy and clean installation. Up to seven keys can be enrolled into the module for operating any relay-activated device. Mounting hardware and a 12V transformer are included.

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