Norwegian Ship Manufacturer Chooses Axis Surveillance for Monitoring

Norwegian Ship Manufacturer Chooses Axis Surveillance for Monitoring

Ulstein Group is a Norwegian family-owned company in the shipbuilding industry and has about 800 employees. The company was founded in 1917 and is located outside Alesund in Norway. It has offices and factories in China and sales offices worldwide. Ulstein manufactures large, technologically complex ships for the oil and exploration industries. Innovation, technology and design are important cornerstones for Ulstein and ship designs are also sold to other shipyards.

Ulstein Verft has invested a great deal in technology expertise. “Anyone can build hulls, but the big boats of today have a lot of technical equipment on board. Therefore, a modern shipyard needs to invest in product development and research. We want to be at the cutting edge in everything we do. And this also applies to our surveillance of the shipyard,” says Don Johansson, Safety Responsible at Ulstein Verft.

The shipyard on an island outside Alesund is currently monitored by 11 AXIS 232+ and AXIS 233D Network Cameras. The shipyard previously had no camera surveillance system and when it decided to install one it chose Axis Communications and Axis partner Niscayah as supplier and installer.

The choice of IP-based cameras means there is no need to lay cables and installation is more flexible. The IP system makes it easier to expand the system with more cameras and also to implement intelligent video for future requirements. The IP camera system is supported by software from Detec, one of Axis's ADP partners in Norway. Ulstein Verft uses software models Detec TL and Detec L. Detec's software is very flexible and can be upgraded with the number of camera licenses and clients that are needed in the future.

The shipyard's entry gate is currently staffed by guards who monitor the gates and the hall in which the ships are built. Remote access is used to monitor a small shipyard located approximately 1.5 hours away. “This is an important cost saving that also gives us greater control”, says Don Johansson.

Five ships are to be delivered from the shipyard in 2012. The production time is at least six months and involves major investments and the purchase of expensive material. “We have had incidents in which expensive material was stolen from the area. This means big problems as the manufacture of the vessels is delayed,” says Don Johansson. The camera surveillance increases security and makes it possible to be able to investigate incidents afterwards and provide image-based evidence. The image material is recorded and viewed using software from Detec. The images are saved for 7 days in pursuance of Norwegian legislation.

A complicated working process can be made safer using cameras
Designing and building large, technologically complex ships is a challenge. Situations that both delay and jeopardize the process easily occur. The IP camera system helps monitor the process so that nothing unforeseen occurs and the image material can subsequently help investigate and analyze the course of events. For example, a small fire occurred during welding work. A welding spark hit a pallet with highly flammable material that began to burn. The fire was put out by an attentive employee and did not cause any damage. However, as a camera captured the incident it was possible to discuss safety measures with the subcontractor responsible for the welding work.

Don Johansson has not had any negative reactions to the cameras. When the decision to install camera surveillance was made, the trade union representatives were informed of the plans and the response was only positive. The only question from the trade union representatives was whether the installation should not be expanded with more cameras. “We are now looking at extending the system and intelligent video functions are also an enticing prospect,” says Don Johansson.

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