Arecont Vision Megapixel Cameras Protects Merck's Mexican Laboratory

Arecont Vision Megapixel Cameras Protects Merck's Mexican Laboratory

Ensuring that all activity and incidents are captured on video with detailed high resolution clarity, Merck Pharmaceutical S.A. De. C.V. has installed an Arecont Vision megapixel technology solution at their new facility in Mexico. Located around the perimeter of the building, Arecont Vision's 5 megapixel day/night cameras produce superior images in both daytime and evening lighting environments.

With the megapixel IP cameras, operators can zoom in on specific areas of live or archived video to see important details such as a license plate number or a face. The cameras can output multiple image formats, allowing for simultaneous viewing of full-resolution field-of-view and regions of interest for high-definition forensic zooming.

“The quality of the megapixel video image is what sold us and the customer,” said Marco Godina of Alarmas Universales, the system integrator. “Once we saw the images from Arecont Vision cameras, nothing else we looked at even came close in comparison.”

Mr. Godina also notes that the Arecont Vision megapixel IP cameras provide better overall coverage with higher resolution for superior picture quality.Utilizing megapixel cameras facilitated system design with broader coverage while using fewer cameras. The day/night version of the camera used at the Merck facility incorporates a motorized infrared (IR) cut filter and 12VM1040ASI (10mm – 40mm) zoom lens.

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