Citibank Russia Branches Deploys Axxonsoft Surveillance System

Citibank Russia Branches Deploys Axxonsoft Surveillance System

Citibank Russia branch network has fifty regional branch locations, with twenty eight branches operating in Moscow, twelve in St. Petersburg, three in Yekaterinburg, two in Rostov-on-Don and Samara each, and one in Volgograd, Ufa, and Nizhny Novgorod.

All offices are part of an integrated video surveillance system created by AvantTech. Each office has a video server with Axxonsoft Surveillance suite onboard and between 15 and 40 cameras installed both in the office premises and at ATMs.

All cameras are connected and broadcast to the main surveillance station located in Citibank Russia's headquarters at 8-10 Gashek Str., Moscow.

As of this day, AvantTech has almost completed the installation of a two-way voice communication system between the regional offices and the HQ. The installation company developed the system and its concept based on the Axxonsoft suite and other required software, then selected, purchased and installed the necessary equipment, and commissioned the system. Excluding organizational issues, the project took the company about 3 months.

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