Pakistan Power Plants Protected by Hikvision Security System

Pakistan Power Plants Protected by Hikvision Security System

When it comes to security for Pakistan's Nishat Power Limited power plants –located in the city of Jambar Kalan and their Head Office in Lahore – one can see considerable development during recent time.

From late 2010 through the first quarter of 2011, Nishat management took steps to install security at a number of their Pakistani power facilities. For these installations to be made, both inside the plants and out, Hikvision was brought on board to ensure the highest level of quality.

Management at Nishat Mills Limited, the parent company of Nishat Power Limited, decided to introduce a comprehensive security system specifically to monitor movement of personnel and outside traffic. In order to do so, a number of considerations were taken into account: foremost among them, the architectural layout of the facilities, lighting conditions, and the variety of dissimilar working areas. In the later case, the differences extended between employees working outdoors on the top of elevated buildings, to smaller office spaces used for shipping.

Yet, the question of actually how to secure all of these varying locations still needed to be addressed. Mr. Rashid decided “to use a variety of Hikvision cameras, since each of these specific models offers a technological strength to overcome a particular problem.”

Case in point was the outdoor working area, where employees often roamed the top of tall boilers in their day-to-day operations. Hikvision's WDR speed dome was selected to perform this task. These speed domes were strategically placed upon higher facilities, such as chimneys or poles, to take advantage of the Hikvision's WDR speed dome's ability to view all areas of the horizon.

Additionally, “the excellent zoom feature was critical to accurately monitor what these workers were doing as a means of ensuring their safety and the overall security of the plant,” Mr. Rashid explained. Features such as a 1/4' SONY CCD, proportional zoom function, and 3D intelligent positioning function are but a few of the features that allow this speed dome to see both individual workers, and a detailed view of the horizon of this plant. Staying outdoors, the Analog Camera was tasked with securing the perimeter of the facility. To take advantage of a 40-meter IR range capacity, this camera was placed on gates and boundary walls to secure the perimeter. Built within a sturdy and compact structure design, the Analog Camera features a 1/3” Sony CCD, vari-focal lens with auto focus, wireless remote with zooming function and the ability to operate within a minimum Illumination of 0.1Lux @ F1.2 (0 Lux With IR) all combined to offer a “perfect camera to use in the daytime and at night to see what is happening on the periphery of these power plants,” Mr. Rashid explained.

Of particular note, the ability to remotely zoom onto objects at night was exceedingly important. Mr. Rashid noted, “We have the ability to see whatever might be of interest to us – be it an automobile license plate or a person walking – at the touch of a button and all with the confidence that lighting is not an issue.”

Inside the power plants, two different Hikvision speed domes were utilized. For smaller rooms, the Dome camera was chosen. In these areas, often staffed by only a handful of employees for tasks such as shipping, the ability to see detail was paramount. “Obviously, security personnel need the ability to quickly adjust the cameras vantage point and zoom onto an area in great detail. In locations such as this, detail is king,” Mr. Rashid elaborated upon.

The tremendous detail required is provided by another 1/3” Sony CCD, auto white balance, auto gain control, electric shutter control and backlight compensation; all the while guaranteeing high performance regardless of light level with a low illumination capacity of 0.1Lux at F1.2.

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