Vietnam's Largest Commercial Bank Deploys Surveon Cameras

Vietnam's Largest Commercial Bank Deploys Surveon Cameras

The Agribank is the largest commercial bank in Vietnam in terms of capital, assets, workforce, operating network and customer base. It has 37,500 staff in 2,300 branches and transaction offices, serving 10 million households and 30,000 enterprises nationwide. Agribank wanted to expand its video surveillance system in order to meet business growth and achieve centralized management for its surveillance networks. Agribank planned to set up a new system at its provincial headquarters in Yen Bai, while managing surveillance networks of six other locations in the province, including one branch and five offices.

A number of challenges were identified at the beginning of the project. The customer was concerned about the feasibility of setting up a truly end-to-end megapixel solution that went beyond simply installing megapixel cameras. With a strong technological background, Surveon's SI partner was well aware of the impact on system performance and stability generated by the large bandwidth required by megapixel streams.

In terms of solution deployment, the customer required a distributed structure with centralized management. In addition, the solution had to be scalable, enabling the customer to add cameras at individual locations or expand the coverage of the solution to include even more locations.

The customer was also hoping to add advanced technologies. In their old structure, monitoring relied fully on manpower, leading to low efficiency. In addition, when events did occur within the scope of the surveillance network, the customer had to spend considerable time and effort to gather information related to the event, and it was hard to follow up on events.

As for video quality, the customer required that the solution at least supported megapixel cameras and was able to provide sufficient reliability for long-term operations. Finally, the solution had to be able to support different kinds of environments and applications.

The system used by the Agribank also comes with Surveon's active monitoring and smart investigation technology, which supports the Agribank in terms of reaching required surveillance monitoring levels. Through the included real-time video analytics engine, all important events can be effectively displayed on the solution's alarm board, allowing security guards to immediately follow up.

Surveon's megapixel NVR systems have helped the customer to overcome the I/O and reliability issues often encountered in megapixel surveillance. The systems offer hardware RAID5 configurations to effectively distribute CPU loading while supporting up to 20-channel megapixel recording. The high-end NVR2000 systems feature advanced RAID storage with independent RAID controllers to offer even better solutions for medium- to large-sized projects.

Surveon cameras are developed and manufactured in-house, offering a complete solution from SMT to finished product assembly and providing users with end-products that operate with great stability. With firmware developed in-house, Surveon is able to control and manage any issues the IP cameras may encounter in video streaming or other issues created by the network's complexity.

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