Peruvian Malls Select Total Video Solution from Hikvision

Peruvian Malls Select Total Video Solution from Hikvision

Peru, like the majority of countries in South America, believes in a distinctive security approach when adopting new surveillance solutions.

One such example is the famous department store chain Oechsle, located throughout Peru's major cities. Oechsle's success is also analogous to Peru's economic revival.

Only a few years ago, Oechsle was an all but forgotten brand name. A once famous Peruvian symbol that had fallen on hard times and been forced to close its doors. But as the nation's economic health has rebounded with an eight to nine percent annual GDP growth rate; the Oechsle brand was similarly reenergized with new owners and a host of new stores throughout Peru's biggest cities – locations that host 80 percent of the country's population.

Yet, just as Peru's economy and Oechsle's fortunes rebounded, one significant difference remained: security. Much had changed in the world since Oechsle's initially closed its doors in the 1990s, but most South American companies were still not embracing technological improvement. The concept of CCTV is new to Latin American countries – Peru included. As recently as only a couple of years ago, many major corporations and businesses were relying almost exclusively on traditional security guards to protect their investments.

As such, in 2009, Hikvision approached Oechsle's new management with speed dome cameras and DVR units. After testing Hikvision products against a variety of other competitors, Oechsle chose to go with Hikvision in order to better secure their stores.

After careful consideration, Oechsle management decided upon three Hikvision products for their stores. The first was the analog speed dome. This camera was selected for a variety of reasons, but most importantly, this camera particularly filled the security needs for a department store. It has proven to be a great match for Oechsle because of the nature of the business. Oechsle needed an analog solution that offered high resolution and was also extremely flexible.

Both high resolution and flexibility were, and are, key to Oechsle. This is based on the nature of the shopping environment: an open space with customers continuously moving to various areas. The analog speed dome allows personnel in the store's security center to discretely follow individuals and eliminate obvious and offensive traditional tactics such as prompting a security guard to continually follow this person. This is accomplished by this Hikvision speed dome's 1/4 inch SONY CCD, providing the essential ability to zoom onto questionable situations with a great degree of resolution; and 360 degree of endless pan range, providing the ability to discreetly monitor groups or individuals without their knowledge.

Additionally, Oechsle management opted for two Hikvision standalone DVR units. Both DVRs have greatly enhanced security efficiency and productivity at Oechsle's many stores throughout Peru. As with Hikvision's speed dome camera, this DVR revolution has changed the way that security departments now approaches these matters. In Peru, security video is generally stored for one month, but the DVRs allow Oechsle to easily exceed this. In fact, with up to 8 hard discs and 16 terabytes of memory, Oechsle can store more than 2 months of footage on one DVR alone.

Besides benefits such as this, easy-to-use functionality, and an overall high standard of quality, Oechsle's security department was greatly pleased with an additional benefit: the ability to view high-resolution video in order to settle customer disputes, and if needed, to provide as evidence in cases of theft or fraud.

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