Italian Themed Mall in China Safeguards Shoppers With Axis Video

Italian Themed Mall in China Safeguards Shoppers With Axis Video

“Florentine Town Outlet” is China's first large-scale brand name discount shopping center with an authentic Italian style. It is a full-featured shopping, recreational and cultural center with the theme of an open 16th century Italian town. Chinese consumers have a unique shopping experience here, where they can enjoy nearly 200 top Italian luxury goods, international and Chinese brand names with year-round discounts. Consumers can also immerse themselves in the Italian architecture and scenery, taste Italian cuisine and delicacies from around the world, watch wonderful performances and enjoy leisurely activities, with the feeling of being situated in the streets of Italy, and experiencing the taste of Italy without going abroad.

In order to better serve customers, the Park Management Committee wanted to implement effective monitoring systems for the interior, exterior and entrances of all buildings within the park, all roads, entrances, and identification of all vehicles within the parking areas. They also wanted to be able to perform traffic statistics, and allow both the Committee and management to monitor the park in real-time through centralized monitoring using the park's network.

Axis and its partner ICD designed a network video surveillance system for the outlet park, including its two main buildings. In accordance with the overall architectural design and the customer's requirements, Axis provided 123 network cameras for the entire outlet area, to facilitate the observation of all personnel activities inside and outside the buildings, including entrances and park roads, and identification of vehicles inside the parking area.

With the completion of the system, it can perform continuous 24/7 video surveillance of areas within the premises, while storing the video data for up to 7 days. It can also save the recorded data onto optical media while performing real-time monitoring and recording of unexpected events, thus providing timely information to protect the safety of the park.

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