Historic Museum in Pennsylvania Secured by Messoa IP-Based System

Historic Museum in Pennsylvania Secured by Messoa IP-Based System

The Mercer Museum is a U.S. history museum that shows items from everyday life in the 18th and 19th century. 55 exhibit rooms spanning out 7 floors (including roof) showcase a collection over 40,000 objects used by early Americans. The Mercer Museum is filled with priceless antiques. They needed to outfit the museum with a reliable and professional security solution. MESSOA IP cameras appeared to be the right choice.

However, there were several challenges to this job. Built in 1916, the museum itself in an ancient, concrete relic. This meant that there were several restrictions about how the cameras could be mounted. Some parts of the building couldn't use traditional concrete mounts. Also, traditional and complex cabling presents a big challenge to this old building. Those weren't the only conditions. The cameras had to be advanced enough to obtain clear images while being unintrusive in order to keep up with the old America atmosphere.

Thompson Network, a Pennsylvania-based SI providing voice and data solutions, looked at past security solutions and decided to use a MESSOA IP System, which provides cost-effective remote surveillance at a fair price. Most of all, the authorised museum staff can easily see the real-time images via a web-browser from any locations via the network.

Two models were selected for this project. The IP, Full HD, Vari-focal dome NDF821 was chosen for indoor surveillance. Infrared, IP, 2MP with Lumii sensor NCR870 was used for monitoring the outdoors.

The NDF821 is a high performance full HD day/night camera featuring 2M image quality and intelligent network capabilities. H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG triple streaming gives you a flexible encoding selection. As part of MESSOA MegaSmart IP products family, the NDF821 features various intelligent detection capabilities, Smart Focus and Smart Encoding. Other supported features include built-in micro SD/SDHC card slot, video out and two-way audio. This camera is ideal for indoor situations where maximum image quality is vital, such as identifying people or specific objects.

The NCR870 is a ready to go infrared (IR) camera that is able to see even in total darkness. It brings about crystal clear pictures even in the darkest night as far as 25 meters (82 ft). Plus, with IP67-rated all-weather waterproof, aluminum casing, the NCR870 ensures reliable operation in any environment. This camera is ideal for outdoor applications.

The MESSOA IP cameras enable the museum to monitor any location from multiple review points on the network and to easily share any incidents captured on video, providing a great tool for the security staff to observe museum activity.

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