Belarus Utilities Company Deploys OT Systems for Video Transmission

Belarus Utilities Company Deploys OT Systems for Video Transmission

Unibelus Limited recently chose OT Systems' FT400 series fiber transmission equipment to upgrade the extensive perimeter security system at the Minsk TEC-3 power and heating plant located in Zavodsky, a city district of Minsk, Belarus.

Minsk TEC-3 is an industrial-technological complex built for the production, transmission and distribution of heat and electricity. It was designed to provide thermal energy in the form of steam and hot water for Belarusian industrial giants, such as the Minsk tractor and Minsk automobile plants. The company also provides power to the surrounding territories in the region, including the busy city center.

As part of their corporate commitment to providing reliable, high-quality service to its customers, Minsk TEC-3 realized that a security system upgrade was necessary to reduce external threats and protect the company's power production and distribution. Minsk called on Unibelus Limited, one of the leading security system integrators in the Belarusian market, to enhance their existing system.

Unibelus chose OT Systems to provide 18 pairs of 10-bit digital 4-channel video transmission products from the FT 400 series, designed to support optical transmission of high-quality 10-bit PCM-coded video. In the Minsk application, the FT400 pairs process video from perimeter cameras and critical distribution areas to a central monitoring station at the plant. With many of the cameras in outdoor enclosures, Unibelus wanted a transmission product that tested well in outdoor environments. OT Systems FT 400 series met and exceeded the Unibelus' specifications for reliability in harsh environment applications. The Series offers transient voltage protection on the power supply as well as all signal inputs and outputs, reducing system failures and increasing system productivity.

“It was a pleasure working with Unibelus on this important project,” said Darius Lukocius, EMEA Sales Manager of OT Systems. “We were pleased that the OT Systems' transmission products met the needs of the plant's security upgrade specifications and fit well within the project's budget. In choosing OT Systems, Minsk appreciated knowing their transmission system would be reliable year round and that it was backed by the OT Systems' life-time warranty.”

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