Pelco and Dedicated Micros Keep an Eye on UK Processing Facilities

Pelco and Dedicated Micros Keep an Eye on UK Processing Facilities

Global Renewables Lancashire Operations processes over 300,000 tonnes of household rubbish annually at its two new processing facilities near Preston and Blackpool. With technology supplied via Norbain, the vast state-of-the-art sites have been equipped with integrated CCTV and emergency call station networks by Hirst & Danson Electrical Contractors.

Enlisted to provide CCTV camera networks for security, health & safety monitoring, and process control management, Gary Jones, Estimator - Security & Data for Hirst & Danson explains: "Global Renewables required each installation to provide perimeter security protection, process control cameras to monitor all points of the rubbish sorting and Reduction, Recovery & Recycling process, ANPR to identify vehicles on site, and an automated fire detection system. Obliged to meet tight construction deadlines for the project, a reliable product supply from a technically proficient supplier like Norbain was a great help."

Hirst & Danson installed 4 Bosch MIC 400S IP68 stainless steel domes, to monitor the UR-3R process in each of the maturation halls. "By selecting the MIC 400S domes via Norbain, we were able to ensure an extended service life for each camera position under harsh operating conditions that regularly exceed 40 degrees along with high humidity," explains Jones.

50 Pelco C10-CH-7X static cameras backed by 18 Pelco SD418-PG-E1-X fully functional dome cameras were also installed to secure the perimeter at each site. Minimising on-site cabling and installation time, each camera is connected to the control room via NVT UTP video transmission over a dedicated Cat5 UTP cable network.

Utilising a Dedicated Micros DV-IP Encoder, camera imagery is transferred onto the Global Renewables IP network and archived for retrospective investigation. This hybrid solution is ideal for the twin Global Renewables sites, providing the ability to transfer CCTV monitoring for off-site viewing by the Global Renewables management team.

The Dedicated Micros DV-IP system allows video analytics to provide 'virtual' on-screen trip wires across both sites, instantly triggering an alarm to alert operators should the site perimeter be breached. Additionally, the DV-IP technology allows any vehicle entering the two sites to be identified via ANPR. Fire detection in the processing areas is also provided via 10 D-Tec FireVu processors, automatically alarming should smoke be detected on-screen.

Each site's network of cameras is controlled via BBV Pick-A-Point ICON Bespoke Graphical User Interfaces (GUI). Again supplied through Norbain, the system offers simple control of each camera.

Providing on-site emergency assistance, BPT emergency call stations were also installed at strategic points. Easily accessible from any part of the facilities, potential on-site incidents or hazards can be directly reported to the control room with the touch of a button. Should any of the stations be activated, the nearest PTZ dome camera is automatically positioned to show the call point and person making the call, giving operators instant visual verification of any incident.

The integrated security technology provided by Hirst & Danson is now providing effective security and ensuring the smooth running of the site on a daily basis.

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