North Carolina Health Care System Protects Patients With 3VR Platform

North Carolina Health Care System Protects Patients With 3VR Platform

3VR, the video intelligence company, announced that Charlotte, NC-based Carolinas HealthCare System (CHS) has started a corporate wide-deployment of 3VR's Video Intelligence Platform (VIP).CHS has already installed more than 30 3VR systems with a focus on its hospital locations.

"Video is a critical tool that allows us to keep our patients, staff and medical resources safe and secure," said Scott Buff, Manager of Investigations and Training for CHS. "Prior to 3VR, if a crime occurred, we would need to have investigators manually watch hours and hours of video. With 3VR, we can quickly and easily search for and find incriminating video, reducing our investigation times by up to 40 percent and allowing us to investigate cases that we never had the bandwidth to pursue."

Recently, CHS was able to use 3VR to identify a construction subcontractor who stole copper – with a retail value of $30,000 -- from an area being renovated. CHS investigators easily searched through video of the construction site, captured a picture of the individual and then used 3VR for a quick and accurate search through days of footage for more specific video of that individual. With the help of 3VR's integrated case management software, the CHS investigation team was able to quickly package and export the evidence. The suspect was then identified by the subcontractor foreman and law enforcement was notified.

All 3VR solutions feature advanced video analytics, such as facial surveillance and object detection, search capabilities, state-of-the-art central management options, as well as data integration with the customer's proprietary systems.3VR's VIP includes several appliances, such as the P-Series, the most flexible, powerful, and supportable hybrid DVR/NVR available today, the 3VR Server-Class, a Windows-server solution offering maximum integration and management capabilities, and the recently released S-Series, designed for confined spaces.

The lead integrator on the CHS project is SAF Technologies, a provider of integrated security solutions for corporate, industrial and institutional customers in North and South Carolina. "Our partnership with 3VR has allowed us to differentiate ourselves as one of the most formative providers of video migration solutions in the region," said Alan Weeks, President and Owner of SAF Technologies. "We have found 3VR to be extremely responsive and creative at coming along side of us in addressing the evolving video and forensic requirements unfolded by CHS."

"We are proud to be able to help CHS focus on such an important task – helping doctors treat patients in a safe and secure environment," said Al Shipp, CEO of 3VR. "CHS is a prime example of how video intelligence can be used to help organizations focus on their primary missions."

CHS is a leading edge health provider utilizing best in class technologies to protect their patients, doctors and staff. Going forward, CHS will utilize 3VR's VIP to provide families with peace of mind by tracking Alzheimer's patients and newborns

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