3VR Deployed by Several Credit Unions Across Washington

3VR Deployed by Several Credit Unions Across Washington

3VR, the video intelligence company, today announced that three credit unions across the state of Washington have installed 3VR's video intelligence platform to reduce fraud and solve crimes. 3VR integrator Cook Security Group led the deployments at O Bee Credit Union, Our Community Credit Union and the Washington State Employees Credit Union (WSECU).

All three institutions are using 3VR products to reduce investigation times by searching through hours of video, collected by cameras at branches and ATMs, in just minutes. Recently, Our Community Credit Union used 3VR's technology to investigate a hold up at one of its branches. Security was able to search the video and send to police within five minutes. The robber was caught and the video was used in court to gain a conviction.

“3VR enables our investigators to be more efficient by reducing investigation time and enabling them to respond quickly to requests for surveillance film,” said Melissa Wolff of WSECU. “Previously, when an event occurred, we'd have to wait for the download of images to complete before we could conduct our searches. Now, we can conduct real time search using specific criteria to find the relevant information recorded by our video surveillance system in just minutes.”

All 3VR solutions feature advanced video analytics, such as facial surveillance and object detection, as well as data integration and search capabilities with state-of-the-art central management options. 3VR's Video Intelligence Platform includes several appliances such as the P-Series, the most flexible, powerful, and supportable hybrid DVR/NVR available today, the 3VR Server Class, a Windows-server solution offering maximum integration and management capabilities, and the recently released S-Series, designed for confined spaces such as ATM vestibules.

“Today, financial institutions have all the data that they need to solve crimes and reduce fraud. They just need the ability mine that data to find the information accurately and quickly,” said Al Shipp, CEO of 3VR. “We are focused on helping financial institutions of all sizes maximize the return on their video surveillance investments by providing tools that allow them to better protect their customers, employees and assets.”

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