Intellio Camera Facilitates Hungarian Goods Distribution

Intellio Camera Facilitates Hungarian Goods Distribution

Established in 2001 next to its neighboring Logistics Center of 43,000 square, Tesco's Central Non Food Depot is one of the largest facilities of the Industrial Park in Herceghalom, Hungary. The main function of distribution depots is to receive, classify and dispense among the stores the large quantities of goods coming from its suppliers. The logistics center with an area of more than 20,000 square necessitated a complex concept for the protection of its huge storage space, shelf systems and busy pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Schrack Seconet, the installer company, has chosen the surveillance system of Intellio for this purpose.

One of the most modern Non Food distribution centers in Central Europe, Tesco's logistics base admits trucks 24/7 making the loading areas busy at all times. As a result, the goods are typically stored for mere hours or days in the warehouse. During the deployment of the surveillance system several factors had to be taken into consideration, such as the heavy traffic, the varying light conditions and the peculiarities of the various areas under surveillance like offices, warehouses, parking lots and valuable goods.

The entrances and the loading areas are observed by static indoor and outdoor cameras, while the corridors between the shelves are kept under surveillance by PTZ cameras providing detailed and crisp images of even remote parts. Besides monitoring vehicle flow and protecting persons and goods Intellio cameras serve an important role in labor safety, as well, at the facility housing almost 200 employees.

The implementation was further improved by utilizing the existing IT network on the premises, while maintaining operation as a standalone system. There is a single server responsible for recording the footages provided by all 50 cameras, with the video displayed on the screens of the security personnel, whose work is enhanced by the automatic alerts sent by the system in case of security events. Live or recorded footage can be searched by authorized personnel through the client software. In addition, bandwidth and server capacity are under a lighter load by virtue of the developer's Intellio video stream recording method, an effective way of economizing on existing resources.

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