IndigoVision HD Wireless Surveillance Safeguards Pakistani Community

IndigoVision HD Wireless Surveillance Safeguards Pakistani Community

IndigoVision's IP video security solution, including HD network cameras, is helping to protect a luxury residential community in Pakistan. Located in Lahore, Pakistan's cultural center and Punjab province's capital, the community was built and is operated by Bahria Town, a real estate and construction business that has a number of iconic developments to its name. The residential community is set alongside the Lahore Canal and consists of high specification housing, health facilities, schools, community center, entertainment and a business district. It is the largest real estate development in Asia.

"With threats from terrorism, vandalism and burglary, security is of prime importance to our residents. Investing in the surveillance technology was therefore a priority," said Babar Tanoli, GM of Operations for Bahria Town's Lahore development. "IndigoVision's system gives us amazing video quality and intuitive VMS enables our security team to quickly identify potential problems and respond accordingly. Forensic analysis of the archived video has already led to a number of arrests. Knowing the community has a surveillance system is in itself a deterrence."

The system was deployed using a wireless network with 10 access points and two backhaul links. The ability to stream high-quality video, including from HD cameras, across the wireless mesh has made this project viable and cost effective for Bahria Town.

A mix of IndigoVision's day/night fixed and PTZ network cameras are deployed to monitor critical public areas such as schools, hospitals and community centers. Fixed HD cameras are used at all the entry/exit points to record vehicle license plates and for facial recognition.

IndigoVision software allows the operators to view live video and quickly analyze post-incident recorded video. Features such as thumbnail motion search, interactive maps, sequences and guard tours have helped Bahria Town to improve operator efficiency and incident response, all with fewer security personnel.

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