Swiss Bank Invests in Bioscrypt Facial Recognition

Bioscrypt, a provider of enterprise access control technology, announced the main integrator for Pictet & Cie, Swiss Interflex, a business of the Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies sector, expanded the deployment of the Bioscrypt 3-D facial recognition system at the bank.

Interflex has delivered what Pictet & Cie, one of the Swiss banks, wanted most the installation of an access control system that operates completely without ID cards, keys or PIN technology to enable secure access for 2,100 employees to the bank's new building. Eliminating the risk of tokens and keys being lost, stolen or misused, Pictet & Cie's system uses biometric verification methods in a project that combines components supplied by specialists.

"The continued adoption and expansion of the Bioscrypt solution are clear testament to the unparalleled combination of performance and ease of use that makes 3-D face recognition an ideal technology for hands-free access control deployments," said Robert Williams, President and CEO, Bioscrypt. "As what we trust to be the largest identification-based biometric access control system, we believe Pictet & Cie is raising the bar and becoming the model for authentication technology in the financial services industry."

Interflex integrates all the necessary components into a security system operating on the software solution. Thus, face recognition controls not only access to the building, but also employee time and attendance records. Presently, there are 110 biometric 3-D face recognition readers deployed for physical access control and time and attendance recording with potential for more readers to be installed in the months and years ahead.

Bioscrypt's 3-D facial recognition system directs structured, invisible light onto a subject's face to create a facial grid of 40,000 measurable data points. The system performs multiple facial scans and comparisons against a database of stored images and corresponding data, performing accurate identification at sub-second speeds, from which authorized persons are confirmed for access. Bioscrypt's 3-D facial readers secure entrance areas of the bank in combination with other security components of the installation.

Gunnebo Deutschland provides the speed gates that open within a split-second to grant access if an identified person is authorized. Upon completion of the project, speed gates will be installed on virtually all employee entrances/exits.

With the realization of this project that delivers hands-free access without badges and keys, Pictet & Cie are established as pioneers and innovators of security concepts. The implementation of the project serves as evidence that biometric security not only represents a superior solution for high security applications, but that they are also suited to meet daily access control requirements.

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