Agent Vi Video Analytics Streamline Logistics Work

Agent Vi Video Analytics Streamline Logistics Work

Founded in 1991, KDL Trans is a globally-oriented logistics provider that specializes in electronic and computer equipment, offering services such as air freight, ocean freight, packing, storage, customs brokerage and more. The company is based out of a new 11,000-square-meter facility close to Brussels airport, which offers access to important trans-European highways. The facility is home to a fleet of some 100 trucks and vans, and includes a range of loading docks, storage warehouses and areas for sorting and other logistical activities.

KDL Trans sought to provide the highest level of security at the new premises, and therefore offers the best service to their range of customers, comprised of both local and international high-profile businesses and organizations. Recognizing that the high value of the goods passing through the facility could attract intrusions by thieves, KDL Trans looked for the way to undertake early detections of unauthorized people in their facility. KDL Trans sought a perimeter detection solution that connected with its monitoring station, to cut down costs associated with employing multiple guards stationed around the premises on weekends when the site is less busy.

After testing for an optimal solution, KDL Trans decided to deploy Agent Vi's real-time video analytics solution, with Axis cameras. The challenging environmental conditions, among them outdoor areas with natural vegetation, harsh weather and extreme changes in lighting, led to a decision to employ Axis thermal cameras, which eliminate these parameters to a large degree. Together with Agent Vi's analytics, the thermal cameras offer range and deliver accurate detection results.

Specifically, the site's eight Axis thermal cameras, which are strategically located around the building's perimeter, were enabled with Agent Vi's embedded video analytics component to allow the following real-time detection rule to be active on each camera: Person moving in an area to detect and alert to unauthorized personnel entering the premises and moving freely in restricted areas.

KDL Trans employs Milestone VMS recording and viewing application, which is integrated with Agent Vi's software. Therefore, events detected by Agent Vi's platform generate an alert which is displayed in the Milestone video management.

The deployment at the site has lifted the level of security by allowing the early detection of intruders entering the site. In fact, a number of perimeter intrusions have been picked up by theolution, and the lead time gained by these early detections enabled a more effective response by the security guards.

The added layer of security offered by the system has been instrumental in KDL Trans' efforts to build business relations with new and existing clients, as they can point to the superior level of security offered at their site.

"We are very happy with Agent Vi's real-time video analytics solution. The integration with Axis thermal cameras offers detection rates at all times of day, and in all lighting conditions," said Jurgen Laet, Operations Manager at KDL Trans. "The real-time alerts generated by the system and sent to the monitoring station have allowed us to decrease the number of security guards stationed around the perimeter, effectively cutting our costs without lowering our level of security."

"We tested a range of solutions, including active IR beams, radars and video analytics, to identify the option for the site. We compared the products, level of security offered, added value and price. On all levels, video analytics had the highest score," said Toon Eeckelaert, Co-owner of ESSC.

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