Fluidmesh Wireless Technology Monitors French Buildings between Airports

Fluidmesh Wireless Technology Monitors French Buildings between Airports
Garonor, one of the famous business and services center located in the Ile de France region, needed a security system to monitor its buildings, which are located between two airports, the Charles de Gaulle and Le Bourget. But finding a cost-effective surveillance solution presented several challenges. Among the difficulties are the distance between the buildings, some of them near the Charles de Gaulle airport and others next to Le Bourges airport, and network constraints such as interferences due to the radars coming from the airports.

“We were able to meet the client's needs and cover the distance and line of sight issues with the most creative and cost-effective solution. That solution was wireless mesh technology. We also had to tune and change the radio frequencies of the products to avoid the network interferences caused by the airport radars,” said Francois Bellini, Fluidmesh Sales Manager in France.

Video Engineering, the distribution company that managed the project, worked with Francois Bellini of Fluidmesh to provide the best system configuration to meet Garonor's needs.

Video Engineering staff relied on Fluidmesh technical support to streamline its design of the model, a mixed network to cover the distance between Garonor's buildings that provides a wireless infrastructure with a higher level of redundancy compared to traditional wireless technology. With Fluidmesh, the radios can be part of an integral network designed for Garonor that can be easily expanded in the future.

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