Axis Network Cameras Displayed at Hong Kong Luxury Store

Axis Network Cameras Displayed at Hong Kong Luxury Store
Christelle Limited, a Hong Kong manufacturing jeweler, has been producing and exporting exceptional jewelry for more than three decades. Known for its unique designs and high-quality materials, it participates in more than 30 tradeshows around the world each year. At these shows, and in their international offices, security and staff safety are key concerns.

To enhance security, Christelle selected a new digital video surveillance system from Axis Communications. The system is easy for sales staff to set up and operate during tradeshows as well as reliable and powerful enough for around-the-clock office surveillance. The system comprises Axis network cameras and management software. It allows monitoring of real-time and recorded images as well as remote monitoring via an authorized PC or 3-G smartphone.

With this Axis technology in place, Christelle can prevent theft while reducing costs in a more effective way. The cameras capture high-resolution images so that personnel can distinguish individual pieces of jewelry and more readily spot suspect behavior. Compressed for low-bandwidth IP transmission, these images can even be accessed remotely to confirm false alarms and hence, increase the efficiency of the security team. Furthermore, staff does not need special training and can also set up or use the new security system.

“Our Axis network video solution delivers extreme image quality at exceptionally low bandwidth. So we get crystal clear images that we can access from wherever we are. This helps us enhance security and make better use of our manpower resources, both at tradeshows and in our offices,“ said Ken Ng, GM, Christelle Limited.

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