Axxon Provides Russian Vehicle-Service Company with Video Surveillance

Axxon Provides Russian Vehicle-Service Company with Video Surveillance
The company Swed-Mobil is the largest official Volvo dealer in St. Petersburg, Russia. The company sells and services vehicles at two major dealerships equipped with showrooms and the latest vehicle servicing equipment.
Swed-Mobil invests substantial resources into the development of its IT infrastructure, including for the enhancement of its security. One of the components of its infrastructure is the deployment of a video surveillance system with the help of the company Vizzara.

Expansion of the customer's video surveillance system was carried out in several stages. During the first stage, the interiors of the service station and showroom at the dealership on Energetikov Avenue were equipped with Axis surveillance cameras and an Axxon video processing server with a LPR module was deployed. This enabled remote monitoring of vehicle servicing processes, a reduction in the probability of personnel-caused losses and the implementation of automated vehicle control.

The second stage comprised of setting up external perimeter surveillance. After an inspection of the building and perimeter, Vizzara technicians proposed that external surveillance cameras be installed along the building perimeter and linked to the existing network video server. When choosing the most effective equipment, Vizzara provided the customer with various models of video cameras, lenses and accessories so that they could be tested. Considering the climatic conditions of St. Petersburg, it was decided to equip the cameras with a robust and weatherproof casing.

Based on the results of testing and a review of customer demands, 18 universal megapixel network cameras with a day/night function were installed. The cameras were equipped with weatherproof casings that guarantee equipment operation at temperatures from -55 to +50 degrees Celsius and were also equipped with Japanese Fujinon varifocal lenses.

All cameras were linked to the customer's local area network through a 3Com network switch, network camera processing software was installed for video data management and remote client workstations were configured. The network cables of cameras and power cables for their weatherproof casings were installed within corrugated pipes with a total cumulative length of one kilometer.

After completion of the second stage of the project, Swed-Mobil obtained the capability of round-the-clock monitoring of the external premises in any weather, thereby substantially enhancing the security of its customers, employees and property.

Swed-Mobil and Vizzara are currently continuing their collaboration with the implementation of the third stage of the video surveillance deployment project. The third stage involves increasing the customer's surveillance coverage by installing additional cameras outside of the Volvo dealership building.
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