Bosch Prevents Spanish Shopping Mall from being on Fire

Bosch Prevents Spanish Shopping Mall from being on Fire
Bosch Security Systems has supplied fire detection and alarm technology for the latest shopping mall in Andorra, the Illa Carlemany. Located in the heart of Andorra, the mall houses more than 50 stores, a 2,700-square-meter supermarket, five movie theaters, nine restaurants, a children's play area and even a gym, facilities that attracted more than five million visitors in the first year. All four floors overlook a central courtyard inside the mall. The complex also includes around 80 apartments and 15 offices as well as three floors for parking with 600 spaces. In total, the entire site covers a surface area of 47,000 square meters.

In order to ensure maximum fire protection in all parts of the complex while at the same time maintaining the autonomy of the different businesses in the mall, the developers decided to install a networked solution based on Bosch's modular fire panels. This allowed them to tailor individual panels to specific needs of the different environments without sacrificing central operations, while still enabling users to maintain exclusive control of their alarm systems.

The main panel was installed in the mall, covering shops, offices, parking garage and public areas. Seven loops with 558 detectors are on watch here. A second panel secures the cinemas by means of 57 detectors, while a third one was installed in the supermarket. All three panels are integrated and operated from a central control room with 24-hour surveillance.

Next to the three fire panels, the overall solution includes a signal repeater and operation panel in the garage control room. The fire detectors are algorithmic and have a signal processing system to enable them to transmit real alarms in the shortest time possible and to differentiate between real and false alarms. The three-storey parking lot is protected by aspirating smoke detectors, which are able to adapt to the particular operational conditions and protect users effectively.

All of the panels transmit signals to a graphic software system in the central control room, from which security personnel can access all of the necessary information in real time. To back up the on-premise staff, the end user can also connect remotely via Ethernet in order to check the system's status in real time.

The networked fire alarm system is a vital element in the protection of both associates and visitors of the Illa Carlemany shopping mall. It automatically activates a discharge system located in the mall's basement, the automatic extinguishers in the projection rooms, ventilation in garages and other safety equipment to maximize safety and minimize damage in case of a fire.
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