Bosch Security Systems Watches over UK Fast Food Chains

Bosch Security Systems Watches over UK Fast Food Chains

A series of dome cameras from Bosch Security Systems have been installed at a new KFC restaurant in Blackpool following a trial at another location in the town.

The owners of the franchise, that includes three other restaurants, were becoming increasingly frustrated with the existing surveillance systems, so turned to Mark Ashall, Operations Director of Skelmersdale Unique Integrated Systems (UIS) to provide a solution.

Ashall specified a combination of three day/night fixed, vandal-resistant domes to be installed externally and 12 outdoor color fixed domes because of their reliability, image quality and the technical support throughout the installation process. “At first we tested the day/night camera on the ‘drive thru' - a notoriously difficult area to monitor - and the owner was very impressed,” Ashall said. “When he realized the difference in quality of the images, he wanted Bosch cameras specified throughout.”

Cameras have been positioned at key locations inside the restaurant to protect the premises against theft, break-ins, vandalism and antisocial behavior. Additionally, the traffic entering the ‘drive thru' is monitored to ensure the main access road is not causing a build up of traffic:

“The quality and clarity of the image offers a versatility which is not found in other cameras,” Ashall said. “Fast food restaurants across the country are blighted by abusive and drunken behavior towards staff and vandalism against the property during the weekend, and these cameras act as a major deterrent.”

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