PerfectTIME Optimizes US Philanthropic Agency Office Management

PerfectTIME Optimizes US Philanthropic Agency Office Management
The Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County, the primary philanthropic agency for one of the fastest growing Jewish communities in North America, has implemented PerfectTIME time and attendance software to streamline operations and improve workforce management. The cost savings and other benefits achieved will allow Federation to further its commitment to maintaining the highest levels of efficiency.

Federation is automating and standardizing the time and attendance processes for all employees. Prior to PerfectTIME's web-based time and attendance tracking, Federation was reliant upon problematic manual sign-in sheets.

PerfectTIME's real-time and biometric capabilities promise ROI potential by reducing human error in time entry, timecard approval and payroll processing. Additional benefits include a reduction in administrative tasks, easy access to numerous in-depth and real-time reports for managers and executives, and employee time off and scheduling modules.

During peak season, Federation increases its workforce to better serve its philanthropic endeavors. PerfectTIME's ability to accommodate complex pay rules will help manage these payroll fluctuations more effectively. PerfectTIME's biometric technology will also help control buddy punching and other costly time-inflation practices.

“After a routine implementation period during which the system was customized to our specific time and attendance needs, PerfectTIME has performed ideally. As an officer of the company with eight direct reports and 40 employees under my operational responsibility, I am impressed by how much easier and more efficient it is for me to keep track our entire workforce, “ said Mel Lowell, Executive VP, Operations and Finance Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County.

“PerfectTIME automatically notifies me in advance when employees are on vacation, so I no longer have to guess. And I am notified on a daily basis who has not reported to work, or who is out of the office. The system also keeps employees on honest arrival and departure times, which will save thousands of dollars and increase productivity.”

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