Cognitec Systems Biometric Software Deployed by Canadian Tire Stores

Cognitec Systems Biometric Software Deployed by Canadian Tire Stores
Cognitec Systems, a provider for face recognition technology and systems, was selected by Razko Security as the face recognition provider for Canadian Tire locations.

Specifically, Cognitec's software is used to automatically scan live video from cameras installed at store entrances, detect faces and check for possible matches in a database of previously stored photos of shoplifters. When a match is found, staff is automatically notified in real time, allowing them to focus on the identified person and react to possible intruder threats.

Shortly after introducing the first systems, the facial recognition system has flagged several suspects who returned to the stores after being issued future trespass status and alerted the staff accordingly. As Razko Security installs additional Cognitec solutions into more Canadian Tire locations and the watchlist database will grow, the capture rate is expected to increase considerably.

“An added value of the Cognitec system is in the peace of mind that the system provides,” said Ted Eliraz, President of Razko Security. With the real-time screening solution in use, locations equipped with the Cognitec facial recognition system know that repeat offenders will be detected as soon as they reenter the facility. The system will flag them and alert the staff as to who and where they are, so that appropriate facility security action can be taken.”

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