Chinese Bank Invests in HID Access Control System

Chinese Bank Invests in HID Access Control System
HID Global, a provider delivering secure identity solutions, announced that Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) has deployed HID IP-based access control solutions at its Beijing building for effective, convenient and secure access control management. The network structure provides central management for HR and access control while heightening security through fast-identity verification gates, visitor management and a system alarm function that fulfills the security needs of the banking industry.

PSBC, China's fifth largest commercial bank, operates 36,000 branch offices nationwide, representing the most extensive urban and rural financial service network in China.

In addition to PSBC's rapid development and increasing number of employees, the bank's Beijing building covers 110,000 square meters and has more than 300 access control points, resulting in number of challenges in access, staff and attendance management. In response to their pressing need for an intelligent network system to perform central monitoring and control, HID introduced network access solutions to help PSBC monitor every entrance and enhance productivity.

Staff management is the most important part of Postal Savings daily operations. For this reason, the access control solution incorporated an HR management module to perform card reading and writing, authority and access levels setting and card issuance. Additionally, the new system set up attendance checkpoints at the main entrances to collect attendance records. These records are used to generate into standard monthly HR reports, by month end saving the bank in data processing time.

From an access control management perspective, HID divided the access control areas according to the bank's floor plan. HID IP-based controller connects the access control, HR, attendance and other subsystems to the central station through four RS485 connections for monitoring and collection of statistics. “HID has very solid technical strength,” PSBC said. “The system is easy to operate and maintain, with a low failure rate that helped us achieve intelligent management.”

PSBC needed a team that truly understood their issues and could develop customized solutions accordingly. “HID understood our special security requirements and carefully considered all of the key factors in access control, including identity verification and authority settings. As a result, our internal security is improved,” PSBC said.

HID designed an employee verification and visitor management system to help PSBC monitor every entrance and passageway. Fast-identity verification gates were set up in the elevator hall on the first floor, and when employees pass through the verification gates, their photos and personal information are displayed on screen. The security officer on duty can then verify the employee's identity to prevent unauthorized entry. In addition, the visitor management system verifies, reads and records visitors' personal details in a precise and quick manner that effectively prevents potential threats caused by unauthorized and external visitors. HID system can also configure alarm messages for safety management. In case of emergency, the system can figure out determine the incident type and location and unlock emergency doors for evacuation.

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