US Restaurant Cuts Down Theft with Pelco Surveillance System

US Restaurant Cuts Down Theft with Pelco Surveillance System
Pelco by Schneider Electric announced that the open standards of the Pelco DVR, video surveillance and remote monitoring is providing the ideal integrated solution for the Boulevard Café, a San Francisco Bay Area restaurant, by thwarting an internal theft problem and protecting the wellbeing of its customers.

“It makes me feel more secure because I'm able to oversee my business without physically being there,” said Billy Panos, Restaurant Owner.

From the camera footage relayed by the Pelco DVR to his mobile phone on, Panos was able to see that drinks were being given away free from the bar and he put an end to the situation. “Bartenders are no longer giving away drinks for free, which has probably saved the company hundreds or even thousands of dollars,” he said.

This integrated solution enables Panos to monitor and control his video security system in a way that was once inconceivable. Using the application, Panos can monitor and control his 22 PTZ cameras located throughout the restaurant's interior and exterior from virtually anywhere.

“Surveillance systems and the mobile apps that work with them are worth their weight in gold. Once I started using them, I wondered how I got by without it. It is technology at its finest,” Panos said.

As Pelco continues its commitment to open standards, experiences like Panos' will undoubtedly multiply. With more than 250 companies enrolled in its partner first technology development program, Pelco is engaged in making more integrated solutions possible.
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