Biometric Access Control System Installed at Chicago Office

Biometric Access Control System Installed at Chicago Office
Los Alamos Technical Associates (LATA) has installed access control system from FST21 in its downtown Chicago office. The LATA entrance allows access by recognizing employees by the way they look, talk and walk as well as being aware if they are in distress and can even carry a conversation with them and their visitors.

The system modernizes the way people enter buildings, offices and secure areas. No key, no card and no code are required because the face and voice of authorized personnel works as a key. Using biometrics with a combination of face, voice, license plate and pattern of behavior recognition, the access control system provides automated convenient identity management access while maintaining the high level of security.

LATA, a diversified engineering, environmental and technical services company serving worldwide clients, has repeatedly set standards for excellence and has demonstrated capabilities for solving the scientific and engineering problems. LATA's Chicago team focuses on information technology and systems integration with expertise in biometrics, security, GPS/GIS and applications to increase business efficiencies. The Chicago office works with local clients including the City of Chicago, O'Hare international airport, Cook County, Chicago Transit Authority, Metra heavy rail commuter system, the Chicago Housing Authority and others. The Chicago team also works with multiple public transportation and other agencies across the nation and is working on other security, access control and biometric time and attendance projects in the region.

“This is the system based on fusion technology that integrates facial recognition, voice recognition and behavioral recognition into a cohesive identification system.” said Pat Anderson, Department Manager and Manager of LATA's Chicago Office.

Before the access control system was installed, LATA was using a hand reader with a keypad, which Anderson admits was invasive and a little time consuming for employees. Employees don't even break a stride in walking toward the door and entering. The camera sees them, welcomes them and opens the door.
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