Agilence PoS Software Streamlines US Chain Stores Operations

Agilence PoS Software Streamlines US Chain Stores Operations
Agilence, a provider of PoS video auditing, announced that Ohio-based grocer, Chief Super Market, has deployed Agilence's solution in an initiative to reduce PoS losses throughout their 12-store chain, including stores under the Rays Super Markets banner.

Chief supermarkets began deployment of Agilence's software in late-2009 and will complete rollout to all its locations by 2011. The northwest Ohio grocer has capitalized on an immediate ROI.

“Our commitment is to our customers and the communities where our markets are located," said Stephanie Skylar, President and CEO of Chief Supermarkets. “In order to keep our prices competitive in an industry that operates on strict margins, we need to be proactive in minimizing shrink activities beyond just typical fraud incidents. Agilence allows us to do this by keeping us in control at the PoS.”

Agilence has also helped Chief Supermarkets identify other issues such as employee theft and fraud. Even as employee theft costs retailers billions of dollars each year, many existing loss prevention tools miss much of this theft because they focus only on trends and outliers. The efficiency of the Agilence solution enables retailers to analyze every irregularity within a transaction, helping them to identify these activities as part of being a comprehensive PoS tool.
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