Ganz Perimeter Solution Protects High-Tech Data Center

Ganz Perimeter Solution Protects High-Tech Data Center
Surveillance provider Ganz Solutions has provided an integrated perimeter detection system for a blue-chip corporate customer, using its radar detection system alongside with external PTZ cameras.

Working with integrator specialist Integrated Security Design (ISD-Tech), Ganz was asked to devise a way of protecting the boundary of a high-tech data center located in the south of England. The site provides secure data storage for business critical data and is crucial to the client's operation.

The brief involved a secure perimeter and detection system to raise awareness of people and vehicles moving close to the defined perimeter of the site, providing early warning to the on-site security team of any unauthorized movements or intruders. Liaising with ISD-Tech, Ganz specified its solution and a multiunit combination of radar systems have been installed to provide the required long-range detection capability. The system tracks and verifies intruders at distances up to 800 meters per unit and the system provides all-round site security using multiple, integrated technologies, with 360-degree coverage.

The installation involves an overlap between the units, designed to overcome challenges including the varying topography and terrain of the perimeter ground being protected. The system works in conjunction with external PTZ surveillance cameras and involved the design, installation and commissioning of a multimode fiber-optic network between the radar locations, the central server and a remote control room workstation.

“The finished system provides millimeter precise detection around the site perimeter, with individual detection zones for each radar unit along with real-time tracking of intruders via the surveillance cameras,” said Nicky Stokes, MD of ISD-Tech. “When an intruder is detected an audible notification is received by the operator and the relevant camera assigned to the radar unit which detected the intruder will then automatically track their subsequent movements, enabling the security team to move quickly and intercept the person.”
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