UK Fashion Retailer Purchases Axis Network Cameras

UK Fashion Retailer Purchases Axis Network Cameras
Axis Communications have partnered with Expedite IT, an Axis solution partner to provide network video cameras to Pulp, a UK fashion retailer, to help improve profitability and enhance the customer shopping experience.

As retailers head towards the busiest shopping season of the year, fashion brand Pulp is making the most of its investment in new surveillance cameras to help keep an eye on staffing levels, customer footfall, queuing times and sales uptake in store.

Pulp sells culture merchandise and music-inspired fashion and has nine stores in major locations in the U.K. Axis' network video cameras have been installed by Expedite IT as a trial at Pulp's flagship store in the Arndale Center, Manchester. If the trial is successful, similar surveillance systems will be rolled out to its other stores.

“As a growing retail chain, we have to exploit our resources and it's essential that we get commercial pay back on any investment we make. Expedite IT has positioned discreet Axis network cameras which are acting as a virtual area manager by allowing management team to log-on remotely to monitor the store at peak shopping times,” said Andy Martin, CEO of Pulp. “This allows us to keep an eye on how long customers have to queue to pay or try on clothes and we can check the consistency of our customer service which is an important part of our brand.”

“With Christmas approaching, we're hoping for record numbers of customers to visit our stores. I am interested to see the difference the surveillance system in the Manchester store will make to help us improve profitability and the shopping experience for our customers.”

The surveillance system installed in Pulp's Manchester store is being used for more than just a security system to monitor for shoplifter, shrinkage remains a major battle for the chain, especially during the run up to Christmas. However, Andy Martin is confident that the cameras will help deter shoplifting, and as they deliver such high-quality images that can be shared remotely, Pulp can share intelligence with the Arndale Center's security teams. Staff safety will be improved thanks to the cameras.

“The cameras will help Pulp to meet many of the challenges facing small retail chains as the image quality provided by network video cameras will allow it to analyze the shopping habits of its customers, closely examine how the store's layout works during busy periods and give evidence to prevent known shoplifters coming into their store,” said Daniel Hobbs, MD of Expedite IT. “This is done by some analytics that will provide a motion map of the busiest areas within the shop as well as footfall of people coming in and out of the store. Pulp's staff members are alerted when movement has been detected in areas outside the main retail floor, or if someone has entered the changing areas.”
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