CEM Systems Integrated Solutions Secure Saudi Arabian King Khalid University Hospital

CEM Systems Integrated Solutions Secure Saudi Arabian King Khalid University Hospital

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, announced that its security management system has been chosen to secure access to King Khalid University Hospital, Saudi Arabia. The contract was awarded to CEM-approved reseller, Best InfoTech Solutions.

The university hospital opened in 1982 provides 800 patient beds, more than 20 operating rooms and fully equipped/ staffed laboratories. The university hospital contains a special outpatient building and provides primary/secondary care services for Saudi patients. The university prides itself on preparing excellent doctors for the future and believe education of medical students, interns and residents go hand-in-hand with patient care.

The CEM AC2000 SE system offers King Khalid University Hospital a powerful and fully integrated security management system, an ideal solution where security is of paramount importance. AC2000 SE software offers an unparalleled collection of security applications that enhance security and customer operations including AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) and AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging and Pass Production System).

AC2000 VIPPS allows security personnel at the hospital to produce permanent and temporary ID Badges for medical staff, intern students, residents and other individuals who may access the building regularly. The hospital can then personalise these badges by including their own logo, background image and badge text fields.

AC2000 ‘Access Levels' application also allows security personnel to link cardholders to access groups e.g. resident doctors may be in a higher access group to first year medical students. Resident doctors may have access to certain areas, such as the pharmacy, that first year medical students or research students working in a laboratory will not.

King Khalid University Hospital integrated the AC2000 SE system with a fire alarm system to control all hospital emergency exits. The integration will increase efficiency as it will release the doors automatically for evacuation.

The industry-renowned AC2000 SE security system will ensure patients and staff at King Khalid University Hospital feel secure in their surroundings.


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