G4S Security Solutions to Watch over New York Jewelry Marketplace

G4S Security Solutions to Watch over New York Jewelry Marketplace
G4S, a provider for integrated security solutions, has been retained to design and deploy the security infrastructure for the International Gem Tower (IGT) currently under construction in New York's Diamond District. Looking to redefine how business is done in New York and the global diamond and jewelry marketplace, IGT developer, Extell Development Company, hired G4S to create a secure working environment that is unparalleled in the industry.

“G4S is a supplier in the design, implementation and operation of security systems. In an industry like ours — where security is paramount — we're thrilled to benefit from the advantages this global group has to offer,” said Raizy Haas, Senior VP, Extell. “To develop our systems, we're looking at what other trading centers in the world are doing as benchmarks that we intend to surpass.”

Patrick Cavaignac, President of Touchcom, a G4S Technology Company, hails the installation at IGT will be unlike any other as it truly integrates the best in manpower and technology from a single source. “By carefully assessing the security and operational requirements of IGT, we are delivering solutions that fulfill specific needs.”

The International Gem Tower's custom-designed security system will encompass a comprehensive range of services integrating G4S' premier security personnel with the latest advancements in security technology. The proprietary system, designed exclusively for the IGT, will complement the services and amenities the Tower offers to business owners and their customers.

“In addition to the peace of mind a safe and secure environment provides, security solutions designed by G4S for the Tower should bode well on insurance premiums,” said Joseph Lipton, IGT partner.

The jewelry trade, Keith Whitelock, CEO of G4S Technology said, is one of many industries where the need to protect people, property and assets is a critical priority. “Our security solutions will enhance the experience for all who enter the International Gem Tower. Together, IGT and G4S are redefining how business and security are done in a project that will set the standard for trading centers in the future.”
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