GarrettCom Ethernet Switches Connect Danish Rail Surveillance Networks

GarrettCom Ethernet Switches Connect Danish Rail Surveillance Networks
GarrettCom Ethernet switches are providing Danish state rail operator DSB with Ethernet LAN backbones on its fleet of trains. The switches provide network connections for in-carriage IP-enabled security and surveillance equipment, infotainment systems and passenger counting technology.

The solution met DSB's need for a 10-port Ethernet switch with Gigabit bandwidth in a hardened package with the assurance of EN50155 certification for railway applications. A switch is mounted in each carriage, connected using a bus topology, providing an Ethernet backbone along the length of the train into which the IP-enabled equipment can be readily connected. The backbone is also connected to gateway, responsible for handling the network traffic between the train and the outside world. Network packages can be transmitted and received via an antenna installed on the roof of the carriage.

The switches are all powered from an auxiliary 110V DC system, installed through each coach. The switches are fully managed using GarrettCom's software, making it simple to realize optimal network traffic for all subsystems.

The Ethernet switch is a rugged field switch developed to meet user requirements for small form-factor Gigabit Ethernet switches in demanding applications. It offers a maximum of 12 ports and can be configured with user-selected combinations of 10 Mb, 100 Mb and Gigabit fiber ports of any connector type. Copper port options include 10/100/1000 RJ-45, as well as up to eight 10/100 PoE ports. To meet the needs of demanding industrial Ethernet applications, the switches can handle stressful workload mixtures of high-burst data traffic and priority streaming traffic.
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