Bosch Security Systems Watches over Croatian Mall

Bosch Security Systems Watches over Croatian Mall
A security solution from Bosch Security Systems has been installed in the Garden Mall in Zagreb, Croatia. 75 international and national retailers and service companies are represented on this retail complex, which covers an area of 38,425 square meters and offers parking space for 1,400 vehicles. The Bosch security solution encompasses customized surveillance, fire alarm and emergency evacuation systems to provide the security and safety for customers and employees. The solution was installed by Tehnozavod-Maru?i? of Zagreb.

The surveillance system consists of 64 cameras. In addition to providing antitheft protection, it offers features such as the monitoring of products and assets, assistance in managing manpower and operations and supporting safety equipment if an incident should occur.

The fire alarm system is based on the fire panel and incorporates more than 1,000 fire detectors. Together these allow control of fire detection throughout the shopping mall. The modularity of the system allows for easy extension and adaptation to country-specific regulations and conditions.

The voice evacuation system is based around emergency evacuation and digital public address system with 15 amplifiers and 600 speakers. It provides background music, prerecorded messaging and live speech calls. Besides creating a relaxed atmosphere for customers it enables the efficient evacuation of the entire complex within a few minutes if necessary.

“With the Bosch security systems, the Garden Mall meets the highest security and safety demands,” said Mile Nagli, who was the main designer of Garden Mall Zagreb.

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