CEM Systems Secure New UK Hospital

CEM Systems Secure New UK Hospital
CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, announced the CEM AC2000 Lite security management system has been chosen to secure access to the new US$27.7 million Midlothian Community Hospital. The tender to install the system was won by Tough Security Systems.

The AC2000 Lite system was specified by Mark Doherty, Security Consultant with DSSR, to meet the client's requirements. The AC2000 Lite is a fully integrated access control, alarm processing and photo badging security management system. The system was selected as it is feature-rich with comprehensive security applications, yet is cost-effective.

Midlothian Community Hospital will provide 88 new beds for elderly patients. The hospital will also include a day hospital, a dedicated physiotherapy and occupational therapy service, an out-patient department including X-ray service, child health clinics and a range of other healthcare services.

“We were delighted to be able to provide Midlothian Hospital with an industry renowned, yet affordable access control system using CEM AC2000 Lite,” said Hugh Hamill, Director, Tough Security Systems. “The security management system was easy to install and features an all-inclusive range of security modules, including the CEM AC2000 VIPPS ID Badging and the CEM AC2000 AED (Alarm Event Display) application which provides a MAP overview of the Hospital's controlled areas and their associated alarms/events.”

The CEM AC2000 VIPPS (Visual Imaging Pass Production System) allows Midlothian Hospital to produce permanent and temporary ID badges. AC2000 VIPPS offers security staff at Midlothian Community Hospital easy to use drawing tools and a full range of image capture sources for capturing personnel images and signatures which are then incorporated into professionally designed ID passes. Passes can be differentiated depending on department, such as physiotherapy department, out-patient department, child health clinic. Access levels on each card may also be different ensuring each individual cardholder has the appropriate level of access to restricted areas.

The AC2000 AED application provides security staff with a graphical and textual representation of the status of the entire AC2000 Lite system. AC2000 AED application responds to all situations in real time and provides a dynamic on-screen view of alarms and associated readers. This means that if a door was forced and an alarm triggered in the child health clinic, for example, security guards are able to respond to the alarm immediately and accurately.

“The CEM AC2000 product has had great success in hospitals around the world” said Andrew Fulton, Business Development Director, CEM Systems. “Security applications such as AC2000 AED and AC2000 VIPPS assist with operational efficiency and safety, which ultimately enhances patient care”.

The installation also utilized the CEM sDCM 300 (Door Control Module), an intelligent two door controller. The sDCM 300 is a low-cost, two-door controller designed to interface third-party read heads with the CEM range of access control systems. It is unique in that it gives full off-line validation and decision making capability at the point of entry, when host communication is not available ensuring cardholders requests continue to be validated.

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