French Bank Invests in Axis Network Cameras

French Bank Invests in Axis Network Cameras

When Caisse d'épargne, one of France's largest banks, realized that its surveillance system including two PCs and analog cameras was too costly and insecure and had limited technical possibilities for remote surveillance of its premises, a decision was taken to invest in a new solution.

Thanks to Axis Communications' ability to meet the bank's requirements regarding cost efficiency, security, reliability and quality, the bank decided to implement a fully digital solution involving the installation of 150 Axis network cameras at 70 offices across France.

The network cameras capture live images that are sent directly via the Internet without the need of any PC connection, which is an ideal solution for remote surveillance purposes.

The benefits:
Lower cost: The management of Caisse d'Epargne stated that the Axis solution is between 3.5 and 4.9 times cheaper than an analog system. In addition, the bank can use its existing computer network infrastructure to
deploy the cameras, shortening implementation time and lowering the initial costs.
Simplified administration: Security personnel can
easily survey any of the offices remotely and view the images at
their PC wherever they work. In addition, no video tapes are
needed and employees do not have to invest time in checking and
handling them.
Increased level of security for the bank and its employees:
Employees feel safer with the cameras constantly observing the

Caisse d'épargne is France's third largest banking group, consisting of 34 local banks with more than 26 million clients. The first office opened in 1818 and today Caisse d'épargne has approximate 44,000 employees.

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