Product Profile
E-IDEAS Centralized Command and Control Center (e4C)

E-IDEAS Centralized Command and Control Center (e4C)

  • Supplier: E-IDEAS CO., LTD.
  • Region: Thailand
  • Updated: 2013/07/22
Product Specifications
  • * Command and control system for high-priority crimes
    * Monitoring and recording crisis vehicles with LPR
    * Closed-circuit TV cameras for viewing live feeds around the city
    * Contingency and security plans for large-scale event and disaster planning

    The e4C system incorporates latest technologies which helps investigator and security officials to get complete information in case of any miss happening within a short span of time. Technologies include are 360 degree geo spatial video along with digital map , CCTV system, Automatic license plate recognition system, eSmart Box , E-vlink and face database system.