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Access Control & Security Management Solutions
Access Control & Security Management Solutions
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Product Specifications
  • - Displays all alarms whether detected by the security management system or an integrated third-party system,

    - A unique set of instructions can be displayed for each alarm

    - User interface enables access rights to be set up quickly and easily to match each cardholder's individual needs

    - Access rights are a set of doors and the times at which a user can gain access

    - Add free text notes about the cardholder or paste them from another application

    - Screen can be used by any employee to enter information about their visitors before arrival

    - Cardholders at separate locations can be controlled by local administrators

    - Backup and Archive tools ensure security of important database information

    - A true client/server application, where client PCs are used for system configuration and administration

    - The software communicates over the LAN, WAN or Internet with a single server machine that holds the system databases

    - Communications to the distributed nodes that control the readers, doors, etc. can be via an Ethernet or direct RS232 link, or via dial-up modem to remote sites