Product Profile
Intergraph GeoMedia 3D

Intergraph GeoMedia 3D

  • Supplier: Intergraph
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2012/08/03
Product Specifications
  • GeoMedia 3D is a add-on product that provides 3D enablement for GeoMedia. GeoMedia 3D addresses the increasing demand for realistic three-dimensional views of geospatial data by adding a 3D map window through which you can visualize, navigate, analyze and interact with 3D data natively in GeoMedia. The GeoMedia 3D map window blends seamlessly into the GeoMedia interface, permitting complete and simultaneous access to all GeoMedia's standard 2D analysis capabilities.

    GeoMedia 3D can represent your existing 2D geospatial datasets in three dimensions by combining them with 3D surfaces. Within GeoMedia 3D, you can add, display and manage surfaces created by GeoMedia Grid, as well as common elevation files (DTED, USGS DEM, SDTS, GeoTIFF, IMG, ArcBinary). By adding 3D technology to GeoMedia and fusing multiple data sources together into a single, georeferenced 3D view, Intergraph rapidly delivers actionable 3D geospatial information across all industry segments.

    * 3D Environment
    GeoMedia 3D processes your existing data and surface models to provide dynamic 3D visualization for any of your GeoMedia data.
    * 3D Navigation
    GeoMedia 3D provides easy-to-learn 3D navigation as well as co-selection and co-location between 2D and 3D map windows.
    * 3D Visualization
    GeoMedia 3D displays any 3D georeferenced data source, including feature data, vectors, imagery and surfaces - all in the same view. It enables you to dynamically add data to the 3D view, providing a flexible visualization environment.
    * 3D Analysis
    The GeoMedia 3D environment enables standard 2D, as well as 3D analysis. You can display spatial analysis results from GeoMedia Grid in the 3D map window and manage the data like any other available source.