Product Profile
NTC Integrated Security Building Solutions

NTC Integrated Security Building Solutions

  • Supplier: Niem Tin Co., Ltd
  • Region: Viet-nam
  • Updated: 2012/06/01
Product Specifications
  • * The Access Control System (ACC): Fully monitors the traffic of people groups in the building such as: customers, office staffs, service staffs, and guards in accordance with the each person's job. This work can be easily met by the Sipass software.
    * The Surveillance Camera System (CCTV): The high-resolution IP cameras of the leading corporation in the world such as: Siemens, Sony, Axis, etc. will monitor all areas in the building the whole day (24/24h) with the sharp images, which will be displayed on the screen and stored in the memory to review when necessary.
    * The Intrusion System and Fire Alarm system: Integrating the fire alarm system and intrusion system into the security system will permit rapid detecting and locating the fire area or any intrusion. The system will make some sound and display on the screen to warn the operator.
    * The car-park System: The barriers will automatically open/close the gate to permit the car to go in or go out. Integrating the Car-park system will allow controlling the number of cars in car-park and warning when the car parking area is full.