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CATV balun
CATV balun
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Product Specifications
  • CATV standard RJ45 balun

    Our CATV balun works with Cat.5 UTP cable which replace expensive 75 ohm coaxial cable.

    Our CATV balun saves the extra cost of expensive coaxial cable and can connect RF Video equipment to TV, monitors, video-projector, etc... It works in conjunction with RF splitters, amplifiers and cable modems.


    - No AC power or batteries needed

    - Bi-directional signal conversion

    - Ultra-miniature enclosure

    - Maximum distance: 60 meters via a Cat5 cable and 100 meters with amplifier !


    5MHz to 900MHz

    Insertion loss:

    -5dB maximum at 5MHz to 10MHz

    -3dB maximum at 10MHz to 900MHz

    Return loss:

    -12dB maximum at 5MHz to 900MHz

    Common Mode Rejection:

    -20dB maximum at 5MHz to 900MHz