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CCTV Video, Power and PTZ hub
CCTV Video, Power and PTZ hub
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Product Specifications
  • Transmit video, power and data PTZ over one single UTP cable ! Our 19" panel, 1U high, has 16 RJ45 jacks to connect 16 cameras. Receive the camera''s video signal, and feed power to the cam, all that over the same Cat5 cable.


    - Transmit video, power and PTZ over low-cost twisted pair cable

    - Connect up to 16 cameras

    - Designed for 19" rack - 1U high

    - Removable terminal blocks to easily connect power and PTZ wires

    - Jumper built-in for power and PTZ

    - Maximum input voltage: 50V

    - PTZ wires RS-422, RS-485

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