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Tag-it HF-I Product Family
Tag-it HF-I Product Family
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Product Specifications
  • The Tag-it HF-I product family from Texas Instruments is the industryˇs broadest range of ISO/IEC 15693 and 18000-3 standard chips, inlays and transponders. Offered in both 256-bit and 2,048-bit memory choices, the Tag-it HF-I line provides a platform that allows system integrators and application providers the flexibility to build multiple memory and security functionality options into RFID solutions. The Tag-it HF-I platform delivers password-protected write functionality for ISO 15693 and 18000-3 compliant products. It allows RFID application developers the flexibility to choose optimum memory and level of securityfrom a factory-locked unique ID to user-programmed password lock with decommissioning or kill functionality.

    The Tag-it HF-I Standard and HF-I Pro products (256-bit memory) and Tag-it HF-I Plus (2,048-bit memory) are available in chip and inlay formats in a range of antenna configurations for integration with paper, PVC and other substrates.