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GD-06 Allegro
GD-06 Allegro
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Product Specifications
  • Universal GSM communicator and remote control

    Switching outputs (up to 7) can be controlled by pohen or via www

    Remote voltage and temperature reading

    GSM network 900 / 1800 MHz

    Status date transmission to an IP address (GPRS IP connectivity)

    Suitable for home automation, alarm systems and industrial applications

    Universal multi- channel GSM communicator and controller. You can use 6 terminals which can be set as inputs or outputs and switch 2 A / 24 V output relay contacts output relays 2 A / 24 V. There is a cConnector for the addition of a hands-free set, an inbuilt temperature scanner and a timer. Operating with connected devices is possible by sending SMSes, from using web page the GSMLink web page, short calls from stated authorised telephone numbers or by DTMF selectiontones.