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ActiveWave Standard RFID Reader
ActiveWave Standard RFID Reader
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Product Specifications
  • The Standard reader receives all RFID data transmitted by tags, deciphering and sending this data in real-time to host computers. Depending on the application, the host computer can use this information to control access to restricted areas, track assets through a facility or update inventory counts in a warehouse.

    Along with the rest of ActiveWave products, the Standard reader was designed for easy setup, configuration and use. When the reader is turned on, it automatically sends a power-up message to host-computer software. If using RS-232 communications, the host computer will immediately display reader address and allow the user to change it. If using Ethernet (802.3) or WLAN (802.11), simple network searches by host computers identify all available ActiveWave readers. Users can choose which of these readers, or all readers, to interface to the host computer simultaneously.

    Colorful LEDs on the front conveniently indicate reader operation at all times. When configured as a field generator, the reader can call tags periodically or when activated by motion sensors. Two input contacts and two output relays allow greater control over the entire system. Input devices, such as door-sense inputs and request-to-exit contacts, communicate directly through readers to host computers. Output peripherals, such as electric door strikes, magnetic locks, CCTVs, lights and sirens can all be controlled automatically. Doors can be unlocked immediately for valid tags and securely locked for unauthorized tags.

    Receiving frequencies include 916 MHz, 927 MHz or 868 MHz with a reading range of 85 meters (280 feet) from tag.