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16 port POE switch/poe power supply

16 port POE switch/poe power supply

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Product Specifications
  • LCD display and control panel, display the total power, power of each port, the working temperature, etc. The entire device or any single port reset

    Extensive status indication. ALARM: general alarm indicator, if any failure of equipment, ALARM red lights flash; working status indication for each port, it turns green when normal, abnormal blinking. More effective protection circuit. Output protection on each port, short circuit, overload protection. When any power output short circuit or overload, the protect circuit is active, and the corresponding alarm indicator light flashes. Meanwhile all other output port is not affected. Total power overload protection. When sum of all port power is over the total power limit; to ensure that the device work normally, it will shut off the power port of high port number. This ensure that the equipment will not exceed the total power ,otherwise will caused the entire device to stop working.

    The device support 8-16 port, output 25W max per port.

    Lightning protection characteristic: AC input, can endure 5KA, 8/20uS current pulse of positive and negative 5 times each, time interval 1 minute; lightning protection circuit has a failure alarm function, insurance management and other security components

    System reliability MTBF>100k hours