Product Profile
3M RFID Tracking System

3M RFID Tracking System

  • Supplier: 3M
  • Region: United States
  • Updated: 2010/09/01
Product Specifications
  • The RFID Tracking Solution includes:
    * RFID handheld tracker: The handheld tracker can notify the user of files that are out of order. It also lets you know where the file belongs on the shelf, allowing you to quickly and easily put it back in the proper place.

    * RFID tracking pad: Low profile aesthetic form, for mobile applications, UL & FCC certified, integrated antenna, USB-powered, user interface lights and standard connector

    * Mini RFID tracking pad: The tracking pad is placed in high traffic areas such as file rooms, central processing areas, conference rooms or even offices. Checking in or checking out files using the pad is as easy as placing the file(s) on the pad.

    * RFID tracking system software: Configurable, teal-time alerts, custom reporting, Web-based locator

    * RFID tracking tag: The tracking tags can be placed on files or storage boxes filled with files that are going to conference rooms or offsite storage, or are being transferred to another location


    * Minimize missing files

    * Track and inventory files easily

    * Enhance staff compliance with file movement

    * Boost productivity for your staff

    * Increase billable activities - time and cost savings

    * Improve client service - file locations are known

    * Rely on trusted 3M professional service and support


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